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More Rigorous Resolutions

The year 2011 is a success for me in terms of the infamous “New Year’s Resolution”. I made a pact with myself and with the heavens that I shall do my best to wake up before 8:00 AM. The rules I have set for myself are rather simple: Before 8 AM. It could be 7:59, the resolution is still kept. Even on slow and lazy summer days, I was up before 8. Even though I have nothing to do for the day, I was up before 8. And as such, being up before 8 is now a habit and an indispensable part of my character.

Yeah well that’s more of a joke. I missed my goal about four times this year (Christmas day, two sick days and just this morning).

While people can sneer on my little achievement, I am still proud of myself. I have rid myself of the lazy mentality and I know I am up for more rigorous resolutions.

First off, NO COKE ON 2012 Yes, the first one is as simple as that. No Coke. It will save me money and my body. From 2012 onwards, I will be sticking to iced tea, juices or house water.

Second will be to limit the number of times I press the snooze button. In lieu of my 2011 resolution success, I want to take it a notch so as to secure it as well. I am used to setting the alarm at 7 and the snooze at 5-minute intervals. It usually takes me eight snoozes, but this year, it will be reduced to three or on really pillow-lusting days, five.

Lastly, I will limit my use of the word LATER. Errands, homeworks, projects, I have always put them on LATER. While I always do them on time, I always feel stressed and tired afterwards. This year, I want to go through what I have to do without the hassle of a coming deadline. Again, the maximum number of LATER I will allow myself to use is three at max since I don’t want to shock myself with a near impossible obstacle I will set for myself.

So there, no coke, less snooze and a little later. It’s days before 2012 and I can already feel the anxiety I of my new resolutions. I pray to God he gives me whatever it is I need to keep these things up.

Okay everyone leave me alone. I want to drink a huge mug of coke for now. I will miss this treat.



Three “LATERs” a Day


Three Snoozes

Three Snoozes




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